Advance is a bait-based system that is installed on the outside of your home. It uses two food sources (both wood and a product called Puri-Cell) in an effort to get termites more interested in the stations. It has a larger bait load than some other bait systems (important to ensure that there's enough food there if you have a bigger colony).

They also designed the station so that it can be serviced without disturbing the termites feeding off it, which helps as well (sometimes they will avoid an area entirely if there is a disturbance). It takes about 4 months for Advance to eliminate a colony.

Advance uses diflubenzuron to kill termites, the same ingredient in Exterra. This is an insect growth regulator - this particular kind is called a "chitin synthesis inhibitor" because it interferes with the molting process for termites. Basically, in order to grow, they have to shed their outer skin (the exoskeleton).

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 The chemical in Advance keeps that skin from growing, and when it comes time to molt, they die. Termites eat the bait (wood and Puri-cell) from the station installed near your house, and they spread it throughout the colony by coming into contact with other termites. Eventually, the colony can't grow new termites, so it dies off over time.

One thing I like about this station is that it is designed so that it isn't very visible. Some other ones have large parts of the design that stick up out of the lawn, and they don't look aesthetically pleasing. You can see a picture here - all that shows is a grey circle in the dirt where the station is installed.

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