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Exterra is a bait for termites that uses bait stations called "interceptors," placed around your home, to attract termites to feed on the wood inside. Once they do (and tunnels are built out to the food source), an insecticide called Requiem is added, which spreads throughout the colony.

One of the benefits of this system over other baits is that the stations can be visually inspected for termites without removing them from the ground.

There can be delay with a lot of the other baits because when you take out the station, it disturbs the tunnels termites have been using to get to it. Some species also will avoid a station if it has been disturbed. This product is designed so the pest control company can examine it and pop in the pesticides without taking it out of the ground.

It uses a chemical called Diflubenzuron as its active ingredient.


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This is a chitin synthesis inhibitor - or in layman's language, it stops the termites from forming their exoskeleton, an outer protective layer they need to survive. As the chemical spreads through the colony, more soldiers and fewer workers will begin to be born. The termites will get lethargic and will stop eating and stop building the nest. The colony gradually dies off.

This is an upstart product founded by the CEO of a North Carolina pest control company, David Nimocks. He started the company to try to create a better product than Sentricon, one of the other major termite bait systems.

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