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Optigard (also known as Optigard Flex) is a foam treatment that can be used for a number of different insects, including termites. It's made by a company called Syngenta, which is a biotech company that also makes a lot of pesticides for crops.

You inject Optigard into the wood that you're treating using special pumps.

It's best to have this applied by a professional, because they'll be able to make sure it permeates the wood rather than missing portions of it, although technically there are places where you can buy it online yourself.

If you had a smaller project (an infested tree, or furniture, etc.) that might be something you could do on your own, but I wouldn't try it for my whole house.

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The primary ingredient is something called Thiamethoxam. This is a pesticide that works by damaging the central nervous system of insects, which kills them. For some species of termites, it stops them from eating or burrowing and makes them just sit around.

Study by University of California - Riverside Professors

A study by two professors at the University of California evaluated a number of products on drywood termites, including Optigard (you can read it here). Optigard was deadly to termites both in short term doses and over long term exposure. It was easily transferred from termite to termite, and was one of the top three products they tested. It had a 100% kill rate 30 days into the study. It also didn't require as thorough an application as most of the other products (i.e., you could miss some spots and it would still work).

Study by University of the Philippines Los Banos

This study didn't actually test Optigard, but it did test the active ingredient - Thiamethoxam. It was published in the Journal of Insect Science, and you can read a summary here. This study tested out three different species of termites, and found very different results depending on the species. It was more effective on some than on others, but all had greater than 90% mortality rates within 12 days of exposure.

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