What is Phantom?

Phantom is a non-repellant termiticide that is strong enough to use in the yard and safe enough to use in kitchens and dining areas.  ďNon-repellantĒ means that the insects canít detect the repellant and, therefore, canít avoid it.  The active ingredient, chlofenapyr, allows insects to live long enough after initially making contact with Phantom to travel back to their nets and spread the termiticide to other insects. Phantom also functions as an insecticide, eliminating cockroaches and ants in addition to termites.  According to the Phantom website, ďmany pest professionals have found that Phantom especially controls difficult ant species when most other ant control products can't.Ē

How does Phantom work?

The active ingredient in Phantom is a special kind of termiticide called chlofenapyr.  What makes it unique is that it destroys the insectís body cells instead of its nerve cells like most insecticides do. 

This means that insects live long enough after contacting phantom to spread the termiticide to their entire nest before the chlofenapyr attacks the insectsí body enough to completely prevent the cells from sustaining life. 

Termites transfer chlofenapyr to colony members during communal eating practices. 

This feature allows Phantom users to wipe out entire colonies with a single spray.

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How do I use Phantom?

Simply spray small amounts of Phantom in areas where insects tend to show up, such as sinks and cabinets, and around entry points around your home, such as windows and doors.  Youíll know that it has worked when the insects stop showing up uninvited in your house and yard!

What are the possible dangers of using Phantom?

Like most insecticides, Phantom can be harmful if its swallowed, inhaled, or makes direct contact with eyes or skin.  Users are strongly cautioned against keeping Phantom around children or domestic animals.  According to the BASF Safety Data Sheet, Phantom is only slightly toxic after a single ingestion and short-term inhalation or contact.  You are advised to wear hand, eyes, and body protection while applying the insecticide.  Phantom is also flammable and should be kept away from extreme heat, sparks, and flames. 

What are the advantages of using Phantom?

There are several advantages to using Phantom over less technologically advanced insecticides. First of all, itís safe enough to use indoors and strong enough to use outdoors.  Also, Phantom is non-repellant, so termites canít detect its presence and avoid contact with it.  Termites also spread the insecticide before they die from it, allowing users to wipe out more insects with fewer sprays.  Best of all, you wonít even notice itís there because itís completely odorless. 

How much does it cost?

You can buy a 21 oz. bottle of Phantom from for $58.95.  This would be enough spray to mix with water and make 28 gallons of 1.25% solution, which should be plenty to cover problem areas in and around your house.

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