Subterfuge is newer on the market than most of the other baits available for termites. Unlike other systems, it does not require the use of wooden stakes first for several weeks to try to detect where to place the bait. The bait is a material that looks like sawdust, and is put down immediately in stations, where termites find it and eat it.

Subterfuge uses a Subterfuge uses a chemical called hydramethylnon, which is designed to kill termites within one to three days, giving them a little bit of time to go back to the nest and spread it around.

It stops the formation of ADT, a chemical needed by their bodies to produce energy, and they gradually become lethargic and die.

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 The main benefit for using this one is getting to start right away - you don't have to let the damage continue while you are trying to figure out where to put the stations down.

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